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A message from Olga Meleca

Olga Meleca Hi! My name is Olga. I come from Moldova. I’m a professional face and body painter. I got a surprise for you! This July I come to Australia to deliver classes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The classes will be organized in two day workshops. On the first day I will teach you how to execute various designs for boys and girls. I’ll talk about the geometry of the face, the main focal points used in face painting and I’ll show you how to choose the right placement for your designs. The class will start with simple and fast designs, accessible for beginners and will progress to more intricate techniques which even advanced painters will find useful. I’ll also show you various fast shadow-lighting techniques that will make your design pop.
On the second day I’ll focus on belly paintings and some of the wedding designs. I’ll talk about the shapes of bellies and the types of design and placement to choose depending on the woman being painted. I’ll show you how to execute one of my favorite designs with teddy bears as well as some additional cute tricks. In the wedding designs section you will find out which are the best body regions to paint and how to realize fine and graceful henna-like designs.
There are only a few spots in each city so to be sure not to miss out. I look forward to meeting you in July!

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Pre-registrations open now.



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