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Facepaint365 project


I had a crazy idea and before I could stop myself I shared it with the world. I’m not calling it a new year’s resolution, because that would probably doom it to failure.

Instead I am calling it the Facepaint365 Project. Basically I wanted to challenge myself and thought this idea would help me to develop my skills, build my portfolio, and give me the chance to relax by doing something I enjoy.

And I figured since I was doing it, I might as well invite other face painters to play along too.

I thought it might also show you inspiration doesn’t always need to come from other face painters. Anyone can find inspiration in any place. Printed fabric, drawings, photos, traditional artworks can all be adapted for face paint. I will share what I find interesting with you, but I also encourage you to search out inspiring ideas for yourself.

Anyway here’s how it will work (and seeing as I came up with the idea I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime without notice).

There’s no hard rules, and if you want to play along you can.

You are also welcome to watch, but you’ll miss out on all the good bits if you don’t have a go yourself. Of course there’s no expectation anyone will paint 365 different designs like me. But you can if you want, or you can just join in when you feel like it.

The Facepaint365 Project is not a competition.

Every day I’ll share an image I find inspiring. It may be random or follow a theme and it may come from anywhere. A photo, a drawing, a combination of colours. More than likely I’ll stumble across the spark on Pinterest. If you haven’t used Pinterest yet for inspiration you’re missing out.

So I throw out an idea that I plan to work on then I paint my interpretation of it. And share it with you via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and here on this blog (in case you have forgotten it’s the Face Painting School. Please take a moment to subscribe!).

Hopefully some of these practice sessions will lead to new designs that can be used in the field. But I’m guessing some will just be doodles that do nothing more than give me a few moments of arty meditation. Something I need with three young boys in my household!

Sometimes I will share a step by step or video tutorial of the piece. Like the unicorn you see in today’s post. It’s from day two of the Facepaint365 Project and was inspired by a drawing I found on Pinterest. It demonstrates how I break down a design, building detail over several steps.

You can use my step by steps, develop the ideas I give out, or work on your own personal challenge.

I really hope you can join in and if you do, PLEASE share it with me. It can be privately via a PM on my Facebook page, or via Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest using either one of  a these hashtags: #facepaint365 #facepaintschool

Facepaint365 Project unicorn step by step
Inspired by a drawing by Urban Threads.


And here’s what I came up with:

Products and Brushes Used
* TAG Bodyart ivory, gold(not in the picture);
* Cameleon paints white, black, ivory, pink, blue;
* Brushes: Loew Cornell filbert size 6, Loew Cornell round brush 795-2, 795-4

Step One
Using a small filbert brush and TAG Bodyart ivory, paint the shape of the head and neck. Using a small round brush with a fine tip, begin outlining with brown paint.

Step Two
Begin shadowing with brown paint.
Paint the gold horn.

Step Three
Using a round size 4, shape the mane.

Step Four
Add depth to the mane using brown paint mixed with a little black. And highlights by painting wisps of white.

Step Five
Use a small, almost dry, filbert to blend so the line work is diffused.

Step Six
Add some details like feathers and beads with a fine round brush.

Step Seven
Don’t forget to outline the horn with black on a small, fine point round brush. Keep the filbert handy and keep blending to create a softer end result.

Step Eight
A few white highlights and a few pink hearts complete the design.

Remember if you have a go, please share it with me. And if you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below.

And don’t forget to follow my blog or find me on social media. Just use the links above or search for Face Paint School or Face Painting School.

Happy Painting! :) Kate

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