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Australia Day face painting

Face painters all over Australia are getting ready for one of the biggest days in their calendar.


Yep, Australia Day is bigger than Halloween for most Aussie face painters.

This is one date we wish we had clones, and where speed is more important than detail. It’s hot, fast and furious in the trenches.

This week my Facepaint365 Project will focus on Australiana. I’m sharing some fast and fun ideas to help you keep those lines moving. See my Facebook page for my daily posts:

And because it’s probably going to be a scorcher, I think it’s timely to also remind you to think about your health and safety too.

6 Quick Occupational Health and Safety Tips:

* make sure you work under cover with adequate shade. Insist on proper shelter from the event organiser for you and the kids;
* wear sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat, and loose fitting clothing. Reapply sunscreen regularly, even if you’re working in the shade;
* drink lots of cool water to stay hydrated and take regular rest breaks. Ask the event organiser to check in with you every couple of hours to see if you need anything (eg loo break, top up drinking water, or top up water to rinse your brushes). Set an alarm on your phone if necessary and have a number handy so you can call for help if you need it;
* wear comfortable shoes and stretch your muscles every half hour;
* have a sign handy telling people when you start and finish. Have an alternative sign that says: “Back in 5 minutes” – just in case you need to take an urgent break. You can use a plastic tablecloth or old sheet to throw over your kit while it’s unattended;
* never leave your valuables or money unattended. The best option is to have your money close to your body. Take phones, cameras and any other valuables with you if you have a break.

Of course it’s a good idea to think about your own health and safety whenever you work, not just on Australia Day.

Happy Painting! :) Kate

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Here’s some ideas for Australian face paint designs



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