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Olga’s Aussie Tour Round Up – the beginning

Olga Meleca paints a sugar glider possum on her face

Olga Meleca

YOU may have heard the phrase, “What happens on tour, stays on tour”?

Well that may apply to rock stars, but for humble face painters there really aren’t many secrets too sacred not to share.

IN July and August 2013 the Australian Face Painting School hosted talented international face paint instructor Olga Meleca.

With more than 1000 photos to sort through and edit, and all the other projects and responsibilities I have in my life, it’s taken me a while to focus my attention on writing up and sharing a review. So with apologies to you, the students, and to Olga, here’s a look back at Olga’s Amazing Aussie workshop tour, starting with a few quick facts:

  • Organising Olga’s tour took hundreds of hours and more than 800 messages on Facebook – just between Olga and I;
  • Olga traveled 14,824km from Moldova to Australia, and back again – close to 48 hours in transit;
  • From Melbourne to the Gold Coast, to Sydney, to Hobart, Adelaide, then Perth and back to Sydney, our trip around Australia was just shy of 10,000km;
  • This brings total distanced traveled for Olga to almost 40,000km over three weeks!
  • 48 students attended workshops in five cities;
  • Olga and I are both animal lovers and vegetarians;
  • Olga sampled lots of new food – vegemite on toast, lamingtons, passionfruit, and Tim Tams among them. But it was Thai food that truly won her taste buds – and Thai cuisine was on the menu at nearly every stop;


Olga Meleca face paint instructor

Kate Matthews and Olga Meleca on a Melbourne Tram, July 2013

It was a cold and very windy morning when I met Olga at the Melbourne international airport. The day after my 40th birthday. I could hardly sleep I was so excited. Probably a good thing as she arrived before dawn. Olga had traveled more than 14,000km taking three international flights from her home in Moldova on the other side of the world just to get here.

Even though she had hardly slept for days, Olga was excited to finally be here. After a quick refresh at the hotel, we took a walk around the city (got lost). It wasn’t long before Olga was a fan of Australia. She kept telling me how friendly everyone was. And indeed Melbourne gave us both a warm welcome.

Olga Meleca and Kate Matthews, Lygon Street Melbourne, July 2013

Olga Meleca and Kate Matthews, Lygon Street Melbourne, July 2013

So we spent a couple of days sightseeing, talking, shopping, and relaxing. We took a ride in a tram, took tourist snaps of popular icons like Flinders St Station, the Convention Centre and the Melbourne. Sampled treats on Lygon Street and generally had a wonderful time in one of my favorite cities.

We didn’t hold a workshop in Melbourne- instead Olga enjoyed a couple of days to get over her epic journey. The next stop – Queensland’s Gold Coast – would be the official start of the tour.

Don’t forget to check back again soon to see photos from our face paint classes on the Gold Coast – please take a minute to subscribe to this blog and or my Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out.

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