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The story behind that Gotye body paint video

Body Artist Emma Hack working on set with Gotye

Body Artist Emma Hack working with Gotye aka Wally de Backer

Making music video clips is glamorous, right?
Take a peek behind the scenes as South Australian artist Emma Hack shares her view of what it was like to work on the now infamous Gotye video “Somebody that I used to know”, featuring her body painting and exposing the artform to a worldwide audience.
“The shoot was difficult. Continuity, pain and time were against us. I was literally painting a couple of dots, the bodies were lined up and photographed, and repeated,” said Hack.
“The lines were very difficult to achieve without guidelines or sketching, and the work took 23 hours straight to create, after the day before filming the background and Wally’s nude intro.
“I found myself crying as the main scene between both artists was filmed – the emotion in the room was staggering.”
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On the creative process, Hack said she had to trust her instincts.
“So I’m just winging it and hoping it will turn out the way that I see it in my head and just trusting I can create that, and that my brush and my hand will do what I want it to do and I think, that’s when the beautiful things happen,” she said.
“Halfway through your work it just doesn’t seem like it’s working and you just need to get over it… “
Describing Hack’s work, Wally de Backer (aka Gotye) said he admired the way her art appeared to transcend the human body and take it to another place.
“One of the things I love most about Emma’s work and that resonates with me the strongest is the way I guess her subjects subsumed by the art, they disappear into this vaguely magical other space, this other world, and for me making music there’s a strong aspect of that.”

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The final word is with Hack: “As an artist you should never be happy with your work”
Watch the behind the scenes video here of a collaboration between Hack and de Backer for a fundraising project:

I was listening to this song on the radio a couple of days ago and thinking how important Gotye’s video clip, “somebody that I used to know”, is for the art of body painting; exposing it to a world wide audience.
Showing the process as it unfolds while demonstrating it as an artform rather than something sleazy.
Sometimes I fear that the perception of body art can be pornographic.
Of course it can be, but most often it’s an amazing art form in itself.
I think artist Emma Hack, with the help of Gotye, play an incredible role in reaching out to a wider audience.
The video (above) is a behind the scenes look at another collaboration between de Backer (Gotye) & Hack.

 (Below) See the music film clip in all it’s glory:

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