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Check out 7 Creepy Cool and Amazing Make Up Ideas for Halloween with tutorials

HALLOWEEN IS A time for anyone and everyone to have fun dressing up, but if you plan to take a Halloween costume to the next level, then take my advice and unlock a few pro make up secrets from the experts. Insider knowledge could make all the difference, transforming your Halloween costume from blah to woah! and instantly making you the star of any Halloween party you attend.
Check out the following shortlist of 7 jaw-dropping Halloween makeup and face painting looks, each with its own short video tutorial (below), demonstrated by pro make up artist and instructor Olga Murasev. Watch the transformation take place before your eyes and learn the secrets of recreating these amazing looks!
7 Halloween makeup ideas with video tutorials

7 jaw-dropping makeup and face paint ideas with video tutorials

PRO TIP – always choose quality cosmetic products that are safe to use on the skin. Sure you may want to look miserable and demented – but feeling ‘ick’ or ‘itchy’ is so not fun. Yes quality supplies do cost a little more than cheap junk shop paint, but on the upside, you’re sure to be more comfortable and you’ll have the best chance of re-creating your favorite look from below. And when you find a look and you plan to transform yourself (or your friends), make sure you check out our link to awesome special effects and make up supplies at the end of this article.
Ready? Here we go!

1. The Joker:

Makeup Joker face painting design for Halloween. Easy to do makeup transformation, based on original character played by Heath Ledger from “Batman: The Dark Knight” and Jared Leto.

2. The Vampire:

Sexy scary seductive vampire makeup transformation tutorial for Halloween party. This look is easy to achieve by using regular makeup and/or face paints. Rock the party with a glamorous “Vampire Diaries” or “True Blood” look.

3. Bloody Doll:

Bloody creepy doll halloween makeup tutorial. Olga’s version of a porcelain cracked, broken face painting doll. Used some special FX. Learn how to rock the party with this easy to do makeup look.

4. Realistic Skull:

Rock the party with this a la Lady Gaga “Born this way” 3D skull (face painting). Learn how to achieve this look by blending and shading the bones. Detailed skull makeup tutorial design for Halloween, realistic and badass.

5. Dracula

Learn how to create easy and scary vampire look and rock the party on Halloween! Inspired by Vampire diaries, Twilight and other vampiric movies. Dracula Halloween makeup tutorial for guys, for man, for kids.

6. Pop-eye:

Not to be confused with a certain spinach-loving sailor, this pop-eye look is fast, easy, and realistic. Learn how to create this special FX look and be the king/queen of the Halloween party! Missing eye, torn out eye, bulging eye, pop out eye, popped out eye, bleeding eye, bleeding eye socket.

7. Chelsea Smile

Chelsea smile or ripped mouth sfx Halloween makeup tutorial will blow you away with how easy, fast and effective it looks. This smiley special fx makeup design will make you the queen/king of the party.

So what did you think?

Are you feeling inspired by Olga’s tutorials? Which was your favorite? Need supplies? If you’re in Australia – find the latest in quality special effects, face and body art supplies with our partner

If you live elsewhere – just google it!

Love Olga’s work? Visit her Youtube channel and subscribe for more awesome face paint and sfx makeup tutorials.

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