the Face Painting School

Discover the Art of Face Painting


Brush up on your face painting skills

The Face Painting School is a fantastic resource for face painters and the perfect starting point for beginners, child care staff, school teachers, and volunteers – basically anyone wishing to brush up on the art of face painting.

For established face painters and those wishing to expand their skill base, the Face Painting School offers touring workshops from some of the world’s most admired and up-and-coming face painters and body artists… in a city near you (in Australia). Our special guest instructors include Olga Meleca, Nick Wolfe, Ronnie Mena with more to come.

Even if you’re painting just for the fun of it, you’ll pick up some great tips and techniques from professionals in the field, helping you improve your speed and overall end result.

Our flexible program offers a solid foundation on which to build a rewarding career in professional face painting.

  • Touring workshops in partnership with world-class face painters;
  • Reviews on products, tools, and equipment/ set-ups;
  • Tips to market your face painting business for profit;
  • Industry news and artist biographies

Work at your own pace, watch video tutorials in the comfort of your own home, and join in the fun one and two day workshops when you can.

(c) The Face Painting School

Follow our blog, and you’ll be notified whenever we upload a new video tutorial, class, or announce an upcoming workshop in a city near you (Australia).

Interested in running a face painting business?

It’s a fun way to earn an income. Face painting has relatively low start-up costs and a good return on investment if you know how to market yourself. Click here for more info on how to run a successful business.


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