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Discover the Art of Face Painting

Face Painting Classes

Anyone can have fun learning to face paint – what about you?

Discover the art of face painting, or as I like to call it: ‘the art of happiness’ with The Face Painting School. We offer touring face paint classes, workshops and short courses in cities all over Australia – we come to you!

Over the past two years The Face Painting School has hosted professional face painting workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Cairns and Hobart in partnership with world class instructors including Nick Wolfe, Olga Meleca, and Ronnie Mena. And soon we’ll be introducing some of Australia’s most talented face painting and body art instructors too! In fact we have so many amazing instructors and face painting workshops coming your way in 2015 and beyond you won’t want to miss out on our workshop mailing list – this is where we announce all upcoming classes so subscribe now!

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face paint class Adelaide Australia

Our face painting workshops are for you if…

  • You have dabbled in face paint at home or as a volunteer and would like to start a rewarding business in face painting or party hosting, then this workshop will give you a great foundation;
  • You are already working in the industry, then our workshops will expand your skills and portfolio to help you stand out from the crowd;
  • You are a make up artist ready to try something different;
  • You work in child-care or as a volunteer in amateur theatre productions and would like to offer more than basic face painting.

What do our workshops cover?

While each workshop and instructor is different, there are a few things we try to consistently offer our students.

  • Info on products and tools
  • An explanation of the anatomy and structure of great designs
  • Demonstrations and practical painting experience to develop techniques and designs
  • Q&A with the artist/instructor
  • Lesson notes (vary depending on the instructor)

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of great face painting?

Join in the fun! Click on the link below and be the first to know when we launch a new touring workshop.

*** Coming soon: Ronnie Mena ***

Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne

April-May 2015

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Meet up with other face painters of all levels and stay up to date with events and workshops organised by the Face Painting School.

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Need professional quality face painting supplies?

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